Gift Ideas for Different Personalities

Choosing the right gift is never easy, especially if you want to give a precious and personal item such as a watch; a gift that one will wear and make their own.

In fact, a watch inevitably becomes part of a person's identity and a clue to his or her personality. To choose the right timepiece, therefore, it is essential to know the character of the person who is to receive it as a gift. Are they a person who likes to make a splash or are they more introverted? Do they usually wear a watch every day or only on important occasions? Are they a follower of fashion or do they anticipate it? 

Let’s answer each of these questions with a particular watch model.

Those who like understatement: they know the value of things, but do not like to show them off. For them, we choose the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec, a watch with a name that does not belong to the elite of haute horlogerie, despite embodying its values. A chronograph dedicated to the inventor of chronograph measurement. So unique, that it will hardly be recognised those not conversant in fine watchmaking or informed about this timepiece which stands out from the masses.



Those who wear a watch every day, especially if they do not lead a sedentary life, have only one thing to ask of their timepiece: that it be precise and robust. Your sporty and adventurous friends will certainly appreciate the light and scratch resistant Rado ceramic, which protects the automatic mechanical movement of the Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic. A revisited 1960s model, available in several colour combinations.



The trend-setter: for them, we recommend the Zenith Defy Extreme, with its angular geometric lines and, most importantly, the El Primero caliber 21, an automatic chronograph with reading precision to the hundredth of a second, thanks to two balance wheels, which pulsate independently at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations / hour for the timepiece and 360,000 vibrations / hour for the chronograph; to always arrive before others, even if only by a fraction of a second.



Finally, let's think of those who know and love luxury. They need an icon of fine watchmaking. A piece that embodies refinement, tradition, love for detail, construction and a handcrafted finish. For them, we choose the Piaget Altiplano, in any of its many versions; from the ultra-flat to the ‘Ultimate’, that is, the thinnest in the world, the epitome of savoir-faire and luxury.


By Dody Giussani