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An eternal band. Wedding rings represent an everlasting cycle of love and commitment towards your partner. Gold and platinum have always been a timeless and classic choice for wedding rings. In the past, the wedding ring has been a bit of the ‘pauper cousin’ to the more dazzling engagement ring. No more! The wedding ring has really come into its own with a number of stunning eye-catching styles. From vintage-inspired styles to unique modern designs, a wedding ring is an eternal reminder of your marriage vows. Whether you stick to a classic band like this rose gold ring or decide to go for one with small diamonds, Classic and rose gold, brilliant diamonds, and vintage or delicate settings will forever be trendy and fashionable for years to come. For a ring that you will love as much 10, 20 or 30 years from now, browse our collections featuring a plethora of styles in every setting, style and design.